The 2008 Social Sciences Conference will be held at the Monash University Centre, Prato, Tuscany, Italy from 22-25 July 2008.

Conference Venue | Parking

Conference Venue

Monash University Centre
Palazzo Vaj
Via Pugliesi 26
Prato, Tuscany 59100

The Monash University Centre is located in the historic centre of Prato, a twenty minute trip from central Florence, and fifteen minutes from the Florence international airport.

The Centre occupies the first floor of an 18th century palazzo, named Palazzo Vaj after the Vaj family who were the original owners.

Parts of the building are believed to be much older, as 15th century frescoes having been discovered on one of its outer walls. The present owners, L'Arte della Lana or 'Wool Guild', purchased the building from the Vaj family in the 1920s. Between 1875 and 1999, the parts of the building which have now become the Monash Centre were home to a prestigious club for local businessmen. The club was primarily a gaming venue and much of the centre's interior architecture and fittings still reflect this purpose.


There is large municipal parking place in Piazza Mercatale (about a 5-minute walk from the Monash Centre). Parking tickets are available for purchase (first hour is 1 Euro; second hour is 1 Euro; each additional hour is 2 Euros for each hour).

For all inquiries please email the Conference organisers, Common Ground, by clicking this link.