Effective Use of Online Course Management Program

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"Enhance Education" program provides a convenient and flexible management platform which allows an intructor to monitor students partipation, conduct in-progress survey, incorporate updated content related information, foster multimedia interactive learning environment, and offer efficient communication channels between students-students and students-instructor. The course samples and students' feedback will be reported.

Keywords: Interactive, Enhancement, Multimedia, Survey, Feedback, Efficient
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr. Ruwang Sung

Associate Professor, Physics Department, UNC
Greeley, CO, USA

Born and graduated from college in China. Admitted to New York University physics graduate program in 1982 and completed MS in 1983 and PhD in Laser Spectroscopy in 1988. Taught four years in Beloit College of Wisconsin and then continue teaching physics at University of Northern Colorado (UNC) since 1992. Now a tenured associate professor in Physics at UNC. My main interest is to incorporate technology into science teaching and develope a new model for college education that emphasis cross-discipline collaboration, international collaboration and society and school collaboration. I won national software development for physics, developed online course management program, designed new forms of energy and enviroment course and initiated faculty-led study abroad program. I am also active in promoting cultural exchange activities for the community and my university.

Ref: I08P0108