Values Education as Best Practice Pedagogy

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The paper focusses on the inherent values dimension that is evident in research findings around effective pedagogy. Furthermore, it sets out to demonstrate that maximizing the effects of pedagogy requires both implicit and explicit attention to values. The implicit is seen in the modelling implied in the establishment of a values oriented ambience. The explicit is seen in the addressing of values through curriculum discourse and transaction. Evidence from several international projects, including the Australian Government’s Values Education Good Practice Schools Project (DEST 2006), in which the author was a chief researcher, demonstrates that a well-crafted values education program has potential to provide for attention to these implicit and explicit dimensions, and so to enhance effective pedagogy. Findings will show that such an approach to values education can serve an array of educational purposes. These include strengthening of personal, social, emotional, moral and spiritual development on the part of students, as well as fortifying their academic diligence and achievement. Furthermore, teachers engaged in such programs have reported on a calmer and more reflective environment ensuing, in which student behaviour has improved and teachers have been enabled to establish richer learning and teaching regimes. In this way, the initial effort to implement more effective pedagogy through values education has led to environments that allow for the ongoing enhancement of pedagogy.

Keywords: Values, Pedagogy, Curriculum
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Prof. Terry Lovat

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle
Callaghan, NSW, Australia

Have written and researched in areas of religious education, values education and ethics at school and university levels. Key texts include "What is this thing called religious education?" Most recently have been engaged in major national research in values education, including national coordinator of Federal Government project on teacher education and values education.

Ref: I08P0112