Media and the Green Economy: Distance Framing in Environmental Discourses

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The media's representation of environmental issues both implicate the activities of individuals in their everyday lives and equally they centre on our vulnerabilities due the lack of control over the activities of others who destroy or wreck the environment. This paper analyses the distance and proximity framing in media discourses that enmesh the rituals of the everyday with uncertainities of global warming and industrialisation in risk societies. It attempts to sketch the ideology of a green economy in which the rehtoric of depletion of the earth's resources becomes a platform for new form of responsibilization and moralization.

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Discourse Media, Distance, Proxmity, Responsibilization
Stream: Media and Communications
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Dr. Yasmin Ibrahim

Senior Lecturer, Media and Information Studies, University of Brighton
Moulsecomb, Brighton, UK

Ref: I08P0114