The Implementation of Urban Transport Policy in the Klang Valley

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This paper analyses the implementation of urban transport policy in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. It demonstrates how the outcome of urban transport policy is dependent upon the attempted implementation of the policy in the face of knock-on effects of the prevailing political scenario, socio-economics conditions, cultural background, and the structure and availability of requisite resources. It also shows how policy developed and implemented (or not implemented) from the combined influences of several actors in the decision-making arena. Interviews was utilised as the main research instrument. Through the examination of the practices, attitudes and beliefs of those working in the transport related field have shed some light on the relationship between agencies and the impact that these have upon policy process. Other than the interviews, these examinations involved investigating the history and current status of the policy development and implementation obtained through an examination of government and other documentation, archival records, and observation. The results indicate that four factors influenced urban transport policy implementation in the Klang Valley, which are institutional issues, political issues, cultural and ideological issues, and finally, policy issues.

Keywords: Policy Analysis, Urban Transport, Implementation, Klang Valley
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Implementation of Urban Transport Policy in the Klang Valley, The

Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin

Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administration
Department of Administrative Studies and Politics, University Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin received her Master of City and Regional Planning with a minor in Public Administration from the California State University Fresno, USA and her Doctor of Philosophy from the Institute of Planning, University of Nottingham, UK. She teaches public management, urban management and planning administration and community to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is involved in research work on local government and administrative reform, urban poverty and the socio-economic impact of highways in Malaysia. Her specialization and research interests are in the area of urban management, urban transport, urban governance, and policy analysis. She is currently the Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies for the Department of Administrative Studies and Politics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya.

Ref: I08P0014