The Breast Reconstruction/Cancer Education: Educating the Educator

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Education is powerful. Educating the educator with regard to women with breast cancer faced with breast reconstruction. Women can be empowered to make informed decisions. There ar new treatment modalities, numerous choices, and interventions available: which is best for the individual patient. The intent of this educational process it to increase awareness of breast cancer, its treatment and reconstructive options available.

Keywords: Breast Cancer, Breast Reconstruction, Education, Changes
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Breast Reconstruction/Cancer Education, The

Asst. Prof. Lorraine BonaldiMoore

Assistant Professor, Health and Human Services
Orvis School of Nursing, University of Nevada

Reno, NV, USA

Nearly 30 years experience, 10 years experience as practice manager/registererd nurse in a private plastic surgery practice in tandem with an assistant professorship of nursing at the Orvis School of Nursing, The University of Nevada, reno

Ref: I08P0143