Using Reflective Journaling to Strengthen Educational Objectives

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A key focus of Teacher Education programs is encouraging pre-service teachers to reflect upon and learn from their experiences in the field. Whereas university classroom experiences are under the guidance of the education professor, field experiences are unique to individual settings or placements and to the individual pre-service teachers. In order to effectively guide the pre-service teachers, Teacher Education professors often require their students to reflect through interactive journaling such as logs kept during field experiences or through e-mail journals. This paper looks at the outcome of various journaling techniques used in a diversity experience plan. Students engaged in an arranged field experience in schools with an NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education) approved percentage of racially diverse students. The journal interaction allowed the college instructors to have insight to the pre-service teacher's field experiences making the whole component more valuable.

Keywords: Journaling, Field Experience, Pre-Service Teachers, Diversity, Education
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr. Paula J. Stewart

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education, Arkansas State University
Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA

Dr. Paula Stewart has undergraduate degrees in art education as well as general education for grades 1-8 and special education for grades PreK-12. She is a specialist in mid-level teacher education.

Ref: I08P0157