A Qualitative Analysis of Changes in Student Awareness and Attitudes About White Privilege

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The challenge of teaching about racial oppression and white privilege at a predominantly white institution is well documented. Using an experiential model of teaching white privilege in a core curriculum undergraduate course, I attempt to measure qualitatively through pre and post testing changes in students' awareness and attitudes about white privilege. The tests are designed to reveal various cultural competencies and students are asked to compare their own pre and post tests and remark on changes they perceive in their answers. The results of five years of pre and post testing are described and evaluated.

Keywords: White Privilege, Experiential Learning
Stream: Sociology, Geography
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Robert P. Amico

Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department, St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, New York, USA

Dr. Amico serves as chair of the St. Bonaventure University's Diversity Action Committee and its Council on Discrimination and Harassment. His teaching and research interests now focus on social justice issues and white privilege in particular.

Ref: I08P0184