Yin, the Female Body, and the Inner Journey to Self-Empowerment and Substantive Justice: A Critical Analysis of Sex in American Family Law

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Sex in family law is physical. We use it to make babies. And we use sex for emotional well-being and psychological comfort. Sex as object keeps us looking away from the Self for happiness. Yet, the female body is ignored, reviled, violated, abused, dominated, and murdered. She allows these violations; she fears Yin. Yin, feminine enery, not female energy, is a gateway to the Self. Yin and sex mean self-empowerment and substantive justice. To get through it, the female body -- the fount of Yin -- is indispensable. This gate resides within us, requiring an inward journey. Yin rejects sex and the female body as objects. Sex is not an emotional crutch, without which men and women enage in violence and abuse. family law reviles the female body. Its logic fuels men and women to see themselves as objects, as bodies. Law must embrace a Tantric Way, a feminine body.

Keywords: Law, Justice, Family Law, Spiritualism, Tantric Philosophy, Feminism, New Age Philosophy
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Prof. Reginald Robinson

Distinguished University Visiting Professor of Law and Critical Theory, School of Law and College of Liberal Arts, Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL, USA

Distinguished University Visiting Professor of Law and Critical Theory, School of Law and College of Liberal Arts, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL (2007-08). Professor of Law, Howard University Law School, 1998-Present (on Leave 2007-08), where I teach, or have taught, Real Property, Contracts, Family Law, Business Organizations, Jurisprudence, Critical Race Theory, and Law and Social Science. I have published many articles on critical theory, race, property, philosophy, housing discrimination, and I’ve presented papers on race, critical theory, psychology, family law, public policy, and legal philosophy. I’ve made more than 40 academic presentations. Right now, my principle interests are in the substantive areas of Critical Race Theory, Existential Psychology, New Age Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, and in advancing this interest, I write against limited, Western cognitive concepts, racial and gender identities, and traditional institutional practices. I'm currently working a series of essays that I'll published as "Feared Rising". I'm also planning a book-length project entitled: "The Tao of Critical Race Theory", in which I argue that CRT is a liberal theory through which law professors seek power in legal academic institutions, and that CRT cannot truly alter our human consciousness toward real, existential liberty and self-powerment because Race Crits embrace racial identity and consciousness, both of which are the bedrock on which racialized self-oppression depends. As such, ordinary people do not realize that they co-create the very ugly, racialized experiences about which they complain and protest and through which they feel powerless.

Ref: I08P0191