Towards a Globally-Informed Pedagogy for Child & Youth Care Education, Practice, and Research

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The purpose of this workshop is to expand further our ethical and theoretical understanding of “relational” pedagogy as a “frame” for contemporary human service policy and practice in this increasingly diverse, interconnected, and technology advanced contemporary world in which the complexity and rapidly of social change changing is virtually unparalleled in human history. While some professions flow well and readily adapt to the changing times, others remain locked in practices and traditional epistemologies created decades earlier. To remain relevant as a profession and to keep pace with the most contemporary issues of our times, a globally-informed “relational” pedagogy is proposed for human service professions that offers hope for a different future; one that is more sustainable, holistic in worldview, inclusive of people’s diverse lived experiences, and ethically responsive in linking ecological contexts with issues of social justice. Whether we like it or not, change is an inherent and fundamental characteristic of modern life. To this end, we who carry the torch of inquiry hold a particular responsibility to critically reflect upon the theoretical frameworks, values, and ideals upon which the modern day human service profession is grounded and how we might move forward into the future.

Keywords: Diversity, Interdisciplinary, Relational, Pedagogy, Research
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Internationalization of Child Youth Care Education

Dr. Gerard Bellefeuille

Prof, Child and Youth Care, Grant MacEwan College
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ref: I08P0020