Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries

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In the twenty-first century, higher education is faced with the challenge of dissolving boundaries in disciplines, so that students might be taught how to explore, critique, and unify a range of themes, concepts, and forces. For the liberal arts college, the question becomes how to motivate teachers to blur disciplinary boundaries and help students to foster more creative and constructive ways of thinking and applying knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. "Blurring disciplinary boundaries" is easier said than done. In this session, professors from three departments (Sociology, Business and Economics, and Political Science) who are teaching an interdisciplinary course for general education will introduce tried and tested frameworks for introducing, integrating, and assessing relational learning within general education and the major.

Keywords: Higher Education, Dissolving, Blurring, Boundaries, Interdisciplinary, Sociology, Business and Economics, Political Science, Introducing, Integrating, Assessing
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries

Dr. Consuella Bennett

Assistant Professor of English, English, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Consuella Bennett is an assistant professor of English at Morehouse College in the United States. Currently she is researching critical thinking across disciplines.

Dr. Michael Hodge

Associate Professor of Sociology, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Glenwood Ross

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mr. Charles Nelson

Associate Professor of Political Science, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Hazel Ervin

Associate Professor of English and Director of General Education, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Lois Jamison

Assistant Professor of Reading and Assistant Director of General Education, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Leah Creque

Assistant Professor in English and General Education, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr. Anna Blumenthal

Associate Professor in English and General Education, Morehouse College
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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