My Landscape or Yours? An Integrating Framework for Multiple Disciplinary Perceptions of Landscape

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Landscape is a topic in which many disciplines (in both the sciences and social sciences) take a theoretical and applied interest. Societies, communities and culture groups also have shared, contested and overlapping interests in landscape. Fragmented understandings of landscape are often the result, in which certain disciplinary and/or cultural views dominate. Many authors have commented that landscape’s promise as a unifying and integrating theme has been blighted by the lack of suitable ‘bridging’ concepts between the disciplines. This paper is based on research undertaken in New Zealand on multiple perceptions of landscape. Using two case studies, a theoretical model (the Cultural Values Model) was developed which offers an integrating framework to convey the relative contributions of different disciplines and groups. The model shows promise in supporting transdisciplinary understandings of landscape in both theoretical and applied settings. This paper discusses some of these applications.

Keywords: Landscape, Cultural Values Model, Interdisciplinary, Integrated Framework, New Zealand
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Dr. Janet Stephenson

Professional Practice Fellow, Geography Department, University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

Dr Stephenson worked as a professional planner for 15 years prior to moving into an academic career. She lectures part-time in planning and environmental studies in the Geography Department of Otago University. As a part-time senior research fellow in the Physics department, she has also been helping coordinate Otago’s energy research initiatives since 2005. She is the convenor of the Otago Energy Research Centre and a member of the management committee of the National Energy Research Institute. Her research interest lies in perceptions of landscape, and the impacts of energy developments on landscape values. Much of her research-related activity revolves around interdisciplinary work in both landscapes and energy research.

Ref: I08P0204