Health Communication: An Interdisciplinary Practice

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Communication is the key of success for any business – social, economic, political or otherwise. The paper tries to showcase communication as a true interdisciplinary practice giving a live example of “Health Communication”. The paper establishes that the subject of communication, by its scope of work, is nothing but inter-disciplinary practice. It is based on practitioner’s own realization of using multi-disciplinary approach in designing behaviour change communication in India. For his work the author used anthropology as base to understand belief and practices. Anthropology provides him base for developing communication package – domain of humanities, especially language. He used Bio-science as content to help people in health problem - a subject of health sciences, and ultimately uses communication as a vehicle to reach to the people whom anthropological method identified as priority. The issues of health communication is examined here in cultural context of India where human body is considered as manifestation of intricate and interrelated relationship between five different elements in nature. It also elaborated that any manifestation of human being would require studying the different dimensions and can not be holistically or accurately understood through any one single disciplinary approach. For this paper the author has used field data collected through qualitative and quantitative methods, as each method has its own limitation but works well if supplemented by each other. Once again is proves to be an interdisciplinary approach. The paper successfully justifies interdisciplinary practices.

Keywords: Health, Communication, Interdisciplinary Approach, Culture
Stream: Media and Communications
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Dr. Arbind Sinha

Professor, Communications, Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA)
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dr. Arbind Sinha, M.Sc. (Anthropology), Ph.D. (Sociology) has worked in the field of Social and Development Communication for more than 25 years and coordinated a number of studies dealing with science-society-technology interface. He also worked on rural communication, and disaster communication. He is pursuing his interest in Health Communication - Behaviour Change Communication. Dr. Sinha, a widely traveled scholar is life member of more than half a dozen of national professional bodies and worked as member on a few national and international committees. He contributed two books, co-edited two books and published scholarly papers and chapters in more than dozen books and journals of national and international repute. His book on Mass Media and Rural Development (1985) got worldwide recognition.

Ref: I08P0222