The Social, Professional and Disciplinary Trajectories of Scholars Inside of Official Discourses: The Case of de University of Guadalajara, Mexico

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The presence of the official discourses within the contemporary institutions of higher education, demonstrates to us that the individuals who integrate them, generally, know little about the life conditions of the professors and researchers at the universities. Official discourses turn the institutions in to anonymous human beings, without their own history and with a solid and stable (nor changeable) collective or general memory, which is regulated by the formal, official and institutionalized narrative. This regulation is made through ceremonies and rituals where the memory is manipulated and oriented to the interests of few powerful ones. This investigation is focused in the study of an institutional and official regulator of the life of the scholars of the institutions of higher education: the quality of education. This way, we identified configurations of the reality that these individuals make in response of the encounter between their social, disciplinary ad professional trajectories and the official mandates of the quality of education within the institutions where they develop their work. The investigation is located at the University of Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico. In the research, It was used the methodology of the thematic story of life and the analysis of discourse. The results highlight the necessity to build a social discourse different from this common one that shows a deeper influence of the managerial and organizational theories. This new approach will make a difference in the way we increase the quality of education with a social meaning and a sense of humanity.

Keywords: Social and Professional Trajectories, Quality of Education, Higher Education, Memory, Social Control
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Paper: Social, Professional and Disciplinary Trajectories of Scholars Inside of Official Discourses, The,

Prof. César Correa Arias

Proffesor, Department of Studies of Human Resources, University of Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

I work as a full time teacher at the University of Guadalajara. My main activities are related with teaching and researching in topics related with higher education such as: social control, identity, official discourses and quality of education. I`m participating as a researcher in a researching group that it is interested in the topic I mention before. I´m finishing the last year of my PhD studies in Sciences of Education. I have written in different journals of education about qualitative research in education and about the quality of education. A t this very moment I am ending a research related with the social configurations of scholars at the universities in Mexico around the quality of education.

Ref: I08P0252