Public High Rise Housing Problems: A Case Study of Housing Estates Classes in Scotland

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This paper will promote many questions about the design validity of these exciting blocks. The physical design of these blocks is prone to have social and economical problems, and it is part of the visual pollution and disturbance created on the sky line of scottish cities special Glasgow.This paper focuses on the necessity to establish a source of initial design for high rise housing design problem classes theory. A thorough research of all the estates in Glasgow area was launched. Thus,a high amount of information was classified, in an attempt to establish a theoretical approach to support the evaluation and appraisal of current blocks problems. The new classes theory in high rise housing design problems is used as a vehicle for conducting this paper analysis. Classification includes physical and social design problems domains. The physical problems domain variables of the numbers of stories, dwellings, entrances, type of corridor, access fromthe streets and sharing of the site. Furthermore, to the social problems domain variables of graffiti, damage, litter, crime, drugs, child density and health have been examined. Moreover, their interdependent relationships were explored throughout the new classes theory. The study of the new classes, theory may prove to be extremely vital for future direction in adapting some from of urban design problem solving tecxhniques.It also serves as an evaluation tool for housing designapprasial in the city from Glasgow and similar cities worldwide.

Keywords: High Rise, Housing, Design
Stream: Economics and Management
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Dr. Ali Yaran

Architect, Housing Department
Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I am an architect and working for public and private sector in Tehran. I finished my Ph.d degree in 1997 in United kingdom.

Ref: I08P0026