Poverty and Environmental Conditions in the Lagos Metropolis: Consequences for Environmental Health

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Urbanization has resulted in the proliferation of slums and an increase in the number of poor people residing in cities. This paper investigates the relationships between urban poverty and environmental conditions, with a view to determining the effects on environmental health conditions in the Lagos Metropolis. An assessment of three low-income residential settlements in the Lagos Metropolis has been carried out. Issues examined include environmental conditions, housing, security and transportation. The implications of these issues on public health were determined. The study shows that negative aspects of the built environment tend to interact with and magnify health disparities, compounding already distressing conditions of poverty and want. The paper concludes by suggesting measures to create a Healthy and Livable Lagos City. These include the integration of urban planning and public health, the adoption of GIS Technology in Planning and Health monitoring and also the inculcation of sustainable practices in urban design.

Keywords: Urban Poverty, Sustainable Development, Urban Planning
Stream: Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , Poverty and Environmental Conditions in the Lagos Metropolis

Taibat Lawanson

Lecturer, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Lagos

Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

I am a lecturer in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Urban and Regional Planning as well as a Post Graduate diploma in Educational Administration and Planning. I also have a Master of Science (distinction) in Geography (Settlement Studies). I am registered as a Professional Town Planner and am a member of the Nigerian Institutes of Management and Town Planning respectively My research interests are social and economic deprivation studies; urban management; community development and urban governance; environmental planning and sustainability. I am currently pursuing doctoral studies in Urban and Regional Planning. I am focusing on a Spatial Analysis of Poverty and the Informal Economy in residential areas of the Lagos Metropolis
I have about ten publications in various journals and have presented academic papers at conferences and workshops.

Ref: I08P0268