Greening Education to Promote Social and Environmental Justice

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How can education bring children in contact with nature while promoting social and environmental justice? Our workshop will present case studies of innovative educational programs that demonstrate how schools in the San Francisco Bay area integrate nature into the educational process. At the same time, these nature based programs promote social and environmental justice through multiple goals such as stimulating curiosity and intellectual inquiry; increasing access of “disadvantaged” urban communities to nature; supporting the physical and psychological health of students and inspiring creativity. The cases provide details regarding this "Greening" process. This workshop aims to encourage the exchange of experience among social scientists and practitioners concerned with efforts to social and environmental justice within the formal education system. We ask that interested conference participants to bring their own case studies to share with the idea of establishing an international network and future dialogue around the topic of Greening Education to Promote Social and Environmental Justice. Interested participants who would like to share their case studies should contact the organizers in advance. Stream Education and Social Welfare, Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences Knowledge Focus Practice Focus Keywords Environmental Justice, Education, Nature, Social Justice Presentation 60 minute Workshop

Keywords: Environment, Nature, Education
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Sherry Keith

Associate Professor, San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California, USA

My interdisciplinary teaching and research interests have focused on educational practices, programs and policies as these relate to social equity in the Americas. Currently, I am exploring the ways in which programs that connect children with nature might promote social equity, environmental consciousness and sound environmental practices. Currently I am collecting cases of environmental education in California, Central America and South America which embody to study how social and environmental justice can be promoted via "green" education. I welcome interaction with colleagues wherever they might be who have similar interests and may be aware of/or working directly with such programs

Dr. Tendai Chitewere

Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies, San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California, USA

Dr. Chitewere is a cultural anthropologist. She uses ethnographic research to study the everyday lives of people who attempt to create a social and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. She examines the rapidly emergent trend of consuming green commodities as a means to address the local and global environmental crisis. Originally from Zimbabwe, she is a strong advocate for environmental justice. She teaches courses on human rights and the environment, consumption, and the relationship between nature, culture and technology. She serves on the board of several nonprofit environmental organizations that serve disadvantaged children and youth.

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