The Childhood Memoirs as a Powerful Possibility within the Educational Creative Process: A Study with Teachers of Visual Arts of Basic Education

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To investigate memoirs means to bring to the surface very important information and experiences carefully stored throughout all our existence. People usually choose in the past the most significant elements in order to transformed tem in memories and use them to configure future memories. These selection is done up to the importance that is given to the event, or experience from the individuals, right in the moment and in the environment when they bring them to their minds. Therefore, in this research we intended to identify, to describe and to analyze the memoirs of childhood told by teachers of Visual Arts of Basic Education in Santa Maria/RS, Brazil, that can be used as powerful resource for the development of their educational creative process, making possible to reflect deeply about their practices through a sensitive and reliable own experience. The methodology used by this research has to do with the qualitative approach. The data will be collected from semi-structured interviews, the documental analysis and for the field work as away to collect the life stories from each participant's production.

Keywords: Memoirs of Childhood, Creative Process, Visual Arts Teachers' Pedagogic Practice
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in Spanish
Paper: Childhood Memoirs as a Powerful Possibility within the Educational Creative Process, The

Prof. Vanessa Freitag

Professor, Universidad Federal de Santa MarĂ­a (UFSM)
Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

I work as a teacher at the Center of Education at the Universidad Federal de San Maria, south of Brazil. I am finishing a Master program in Education, following the research line of Education and Arts. I have deeply reflect in the importance that arts has in the development of the education in primary school and the wide and rich possibilities that offers to bring memories from childhood of art teachers in order to improve social and cognitive skills for the students as well for themselves. We think if the teachers reflect in their practice throughout memories of childhood related with education at home and school, this will help a lot in the educational processes to bring sense and meaning to the teacher practices. I have written articles for some journals and I have participated in different academic events in Latin America.

Ref: I08P0384