“Role Aesthetics, Role Sociology and The Dialectics of Modern Interpretation": The Application and Transfer of Sociological and Aesthetic Role Categories in the Contemporary German Literature”

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In this paper I will examine the burst of a new hermeneutic outlook in the modern German literature and explain the close relationship between sociology and literature in the mid 1960s till the end of the 1970s. I will try to answer to the following questions: 1) Why is role theory - in this specific period of time - so important for the interpretation and understanding of narrative works? 2) Why does the modern narrative hermeneutics need to borrow from and apply sociological and social-psychological “Kategorien mittlerer Reichweite” (“categories of middle range”) to comprehend the inner dynamics of the text phenomena? And 3) how the early romantic ideas from Schlegel and Novalis and Kierkegaard’s existentialist “Denkfiguren” (“thought figures”) still prevail (however uncovered) in modern hermeneutics?

Keywords: Role Sociology, Role Aesthetics, Dialectics of Modern Interpretation, The Importance of Neo-Romantic Categories in Contemporary Hermeneutics, The Resonance of Kierkegaard's Existentialism in Modern German Literature
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Role Aesthetics, Role Sociology and the Dialectics of Modern Interpretation

Dr. Pilar Damião de Medeiros

Assistant Professor (Invited), Sociology Department, Évora University
Évora, Évora, Portugal

My name is Pilar de Medeiros and last June I finished my Ph.D. in Sociology and German Studies with 90% final grade at Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet, Germany. I did my Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and German) with first class Honours at Brock University, Canada and my Master of Arts (German Studies) at Queen's University, Canada with 90% final grade. My doctoral thesis is extremely interdisciplinary. It covers areas such as: sociology, social psychology, interpersonal and intercultural studies, global studies, modern German literature, philosophy, hermeneutics and dialectics. The title of my thesis is: „Rollenaesthetik und Rollensoziologie: Zum Transfer rollensoziologischer Kategorien auf die neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft. Max Frisch – Alfred Andersch – Peter Handke – Adolf Muschg – Guenter Grass – Martin Walser – Gabriele Wohmann – Paul Nizon” .My field of specialization and research interests are: 1) Social-psychology, sociology and modern literature, 2) Hermeneutic and Dialectics and 3) Intercultural and interpersonal studies. I am currently teaching in the sociology department at Évora University, Portugal, where I am responsible for B.A. and M.A. level courses.

Ref: I08P0435