A Gender Study: Gender Inequality in Scientific Labour Market of India

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In India, job opportunities are more available to people with a degree in science, and hence it is supposed to be prestigious to build a career in science. Here individual’s opinion or aptitude is not taken into account rather parents’ desire or decision would force their children to build a career in science. The purpose of this article is to explore gender segregation in case of scientific community of urban India and also to measure how does the occupational gender segregation of scientific community of India affected by caste, religion, economic status, occupation, and educational attainment of an individual. My assumption is that gender segregation in the scientific community of India is the interplay of various socio-economic factors like caste, religion, economic status, education. I have computed Duncan and Duncan Index of Dissimilarity (ID) to measure the gender segregation. So far, no detailed empirical study on scientific labour market of India has been done. I have found that Educational attainment, occupational and class structure intersect with religion, ultimately play a vital role for occupational segregation in medicine and technology. Our analysis supports the postulation of male dominance in scientific labor market in India

Keywords: Gender Segregation, Covariates Associated with Segregation
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Sonali Chakraborty

Scientific Assistant, Sociological Research Unit,Kolkta, Indian Statistical Institute
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

I am working in Sociological Research unit since fifteen years, Possessing a master degree in Statistics.I had been working in the various socio-economic projects under taken in the unit. My area of interest is gender study , specialy women in different occupations.Till now in India a very limited empirical study of occupational gender segregation has been done. So from house hold level data I am working in this field.I have worked and joined several conference in this topics.

Ref: I08P0447