Can Employment Empower Women More at the Household Level in India?

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With the transformation of the society from a matriarchal one to patriarchal one women become the weaker section of the society. But the women’s role in the development process cannot be denied, as they are also a part of the society. Despite efforts from the government and non-government organizations no significant results have yet been observed. Present study will explore the status of both employed and unemployed women in decision making at household level also it will find out whether employment helps women to have more control on decision making. Moreover a sectoral difference of the status between job and jobless women will be examined. The data study is based on the NFHS-2 data,1998-99. Focus of the study is to examine the role of women in taking various household decisions such as cooking, monetary transaction, purchasing jewelry, visiting relative or friend’s house etc. An empowerment index is used to compare the status of employed and unemployed women. Also multinomial logistic regression analysis is done to find out the effects of the explanatory variables namely caste, religion, age group, media exposure, Education, etc. of the female and her husband on the above said decision-making variables. Indian social fabric does not encourage women to take job therefore a large number of women are not in jobs. So it is necessary to know whether employment really helps to gain any extra power in the house.

Keywords: Women Empowerment, Employed, Unemployed
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Paper: , , Can Employment Empower Women More at the Household Level in India?

Chaiti Sharma Biswas

Economic Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Background- Postgradustion in Economics Area of interest and work- Women studies

Ref: I08P0450