Action Research and Teaching English Grammar in EFL Classroom

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This study sought to explore the effectiveness of an indirect explicit instruction approach on improving students’ motivation and attitudes towards learning English grammar.

This study was conducted in a normal grammar classroom of thirty three students for sixteen two-hour weekly sessions. Kemmis and McTaggart’s (1988) action research cycle method was adopted, involving two cycles of teaching-learning activity. Each cycle was regulated into steps of developing a unit of work, implementing an instruction for six weekly two-hour sessions, observing and reflecting. The data obtained consisted of teacher/researcher’s journal, students diaries and interviews and students’ self-assessment questionnaires. The results of this study reveal that indirect explicit grammar instruction had a great impact on students’ motivation and attitudes. Effective learning atmosphere and cooperative learning led to significant changes of students’ learning behaviours. Students showed their eagerness to participate in the learning process. They became more self-confident and expressed their willingness to take risks in learning in the language classroom.

Keywords: Action Research, Indirect Explicit Instruction, Teaching English Grammar
Stream: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
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Dr. Chanida Muangkaew

Associate professor, English Programme, 
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bangkok, Thailand

I am a teacher of English and the Head of the English Programme at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand. The English programme is under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. I have got a bachelor's degree from Kasetsart University, a master's degree from Michigan State University and the doctoral degree in TESOL from the University of Melbourne. I have been a teacher of English for 32 years. My main interests are teaching English grammar, Linguistics and English for Communication and conducting research on Teaching English as a foreign language. I wrote have written books : English for Communication, Active Grammar and Writing for Specific Purposes, to be used as textbooks for students at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University.

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