Communicating Health: Theoretical Connections for Communication and Health Science

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It is proposed that a communication approach to the construction and interpretation of health messages is useful to the fields of health promotion, health education and health literacy. The social emphasis of a communication approach can complement a medical model based on health and disease and provide another framework for implementation and evaluation of messages. A communication approach also incorporates alternative modes of communication, such as electronic and non-print media which can form part of construction of successful health messages.

Keywords: Health Communication, Health Promotion, Health Literacy
Stream: Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Communicating Health

Dr. Jane Elizabeth Hiscock

University lecturer, Division of Education, Arts and Social science, University of South Australia
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Jane Hiscock is a lecturer in communication with a research interest in health messages targetting older adults in the 50-65 year old age group. She is a member of the South Australian Health Literacy Alliance, which began in 2007.

Ref: I08P0490