Globalisation as a Challenge to Islamic Culture and Identity

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Globalisation is a dynamic process which results in different consequences across diverse culture around the world. It facilitates the encroachment of cultural boundaries of the world. It also contributes to the spread of Westernised cultural values and ideologies across nations. This paper strongly argues that globalisation poses a challenge to Islamic culture and identity because globalisation promotes media to propagate the hegemony of Western culture, regenerates local culture to replace it with the Americanised secular one, and challenges the collective Islamic ways of life, values, behavioural patterns, and principles. It has been observed that Westernised global print and electronic media dominates the world and promotes non-Islamic trends to people. However, many people argue that globalisation promotes integration among cultures by removing cultural barriers and stimulates a healthy cultural exchange. Conversely, in the name of cultural exchange, American cultural domination is strengthened and manipulated around the world. Thus, the superior Islamic culture is being negatively affected by globalisation, and Muslims are gradually emulating the Western culture regarding that as the superior one. Since globalisation is an obvious force in this post-modern world, which has encompassed all aspects of our life – economic, political, social, moral, behavioural, cultural, and the like; it would be a noble idea to utilise this opportunity in favour of the Muslims by transmitting Islamic culture throughout the world and by influencing the world that Muslims possess the supreme culture. Therefore, Muslims around the world need to be aware of the dreadful consequences of cultural globalisation, and should retain the absolute Islamic cultural trait prescribed by God. This paper significantly contributes to the understanding of the consequences of cultural globalisation across the Muslim world. Discussion includes recommendations for overcoming the challenges of globalisation, and implications for Muslim scholars to utilise the positive aspects of globalisation rejecting the negative one.

Keywords: Globalisation, Islamic Culture, Westernisation, Americanisation, Islamic Solidarity
Stream: Sociology, Geography
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Abu Sadat Nurullah

Graduate Student, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, International Islamic University Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Abu Sadat Nurullah is a Graduate Student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at International Islamic University Malaysia.

Ref: I08P0491