A Narrative, Personal Experience: Overcoming Inequalities

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A memoir records the journey of a Black Yankee overcoming past inequalities and exclusion of professionals of color in New England. This historical exclusion is still reflected in the disparities in health and social services that exist today.

Keywords: Health Disparities, Lack of Professionals of Color, Overcoming Bias and Prejudice, Racism in the Work Site, Current Health and Social Service Issues, Exclusionary Practices, Training Professionals of Color, Generational Skills and Deficits Affecting Professionals of Color, Class and Culture Effects on Recruiting Health and Social Service Professionals of Color
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr. Shirley Carter

Nurse Case Manager, Pernet Family Health, The Worcester Healthy Start Initiative
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Dr. Shirley F. B. Carter was born in Boston, Massachusetts during the Great Depression. She grew up in Worcester, attended College and University in Massachusetts and is a third generation Black Yankee. After marriage and raising children, she is now semi-retired, residing in Worcester, near her extended family.
Worcester is the second largest city in New England, with excellent medical faclities and a shockingly poor infant mortality and low birth rate history that has been evident for decades. Statistics indicate the disparity is most evident in clients of color. Her current nursing position developed in order to address and eliminate these historical disparities. Culture, class and race were obsticals which she had to overcome in her professional preparation and development. This history allows her to believe current maternal and child health disparites can also be ovecome.

Ref: I08P0510