How to Listen to the Multiple Voices of the Adult Learners? An Example

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This work aims at introducing the experience of the author in implementing the voice-centred relational method as a qualitative research method in the adult education to other practitioners and researchers. An overview of the back-round and a short description of the method is given, it is fallowed by the example of the practical implementation of the method in the research process.

Using the voice listening approach the discourse of the adult learners was analysed to find out the supportive factors of transformative learning in the workplace. In depth interviews with 17 women working in the second biggest bank in Estonia were conducted. Using Listening Guide 4 steps the data was analysed accordingly.

The analysis shows that the working life has transformative influence on the working women and that most of the transformative learning takes place hidden of the formal training activities during informal social interaction and networking.

Based on the research some of the activities to support the women in transformative learning processes at their workplaces will be outlined.

Keywords: Qualitatative Research Method, Voice-centred Relational Method, Transformative Learing, Workplace
Stream: Research Methodologies, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
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Evelin Tamm

Board Member, Nublu Child Care
Harku, Harjumaa, Estonia

Born in 31st May 1977, Estonian, I have a 10 year old daughter and a cat. I am a Master of Adult Education.

I started my first company when I was 19 years old, it was about the personnel development for small and medium sized companies. The idea was great but as I was just a woman I had to stay at home and take care of my child when she was born.

At the time she was three I went to university to study early childhood education. My first research interest was the personnel development in the context of early childhood education about the teamwork of the teachers as a means of professional development - this was the weakest link I noticed while working in the kindergarten.

When I continued my studies I became interested about learning that takes place in the organisations in general. I was working as a project manager in PHARE funded vocational education project and while visiting many factories and small companies and vocational schools around Estonia I became also aware about the social justice issues in my home country.

My work is about the equal rights and opportunities to the hearing impaired and their families as well as for all disadvantaged groups. I manage different projects to make change happen. I am also co-owner of a child care company and therefore do everything in my power to provide the best care for the small children in Estonia so their mothers could go back to work again.

My research interest today is learning in the social networks of globalised world and the social justice issues that derive from that.

Ref: I08P0537