Metaphor and the Development of Pragmatic Competence

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Language development among pre-school children will take place in all aspects of the language especially pragmatics, for instance, the ability to tell stories and semantics, understanding the meaning of the language widely including the abstract forms. Their vocabulary will be widened and thus, enable them to construct long and complex sentences and building up words using correct affixes. Language development at pre-school age is more creative, whereby the language creativity is enhanced by the surroundings, experiences, plus the metaphor that was developed in film and many other language activities. They use their developed language creativity when they communicate with friends and people in their society. Among the pragmatic competence that they have developed are pronoun, similes and metaphor language. Therefore, in this study, focus will be on the language usage in children speech. The aspect of the language usage will converge on the use of symbol language used by the children to convey message, depict mind and emotion. In this study, the sample of study is 25 Malay pre-school children. The method of study is observation. The language data are recorded during their morning dialogue session, story telling, games and their morning tour around the kindergarten. The collected data was analyzed using the pragmatic theory, the theory of Relevance.

Keywords: Language Development, Metaphor, Pragmatic Competence, Pre-school
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Metaphor and the Development of Pragmatic Competence

Dr. Zaitul Azma Zainon Hamzah

Lecturer, Department of Malay Language, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Holds a Doctoral Degree in Semantic and Pragmatic. Areas of interest are Pragmatics in Children, Semantic and Translation. Currently supervsing Ph.D students mastering the Teaching and Learning of Malay Language.

Prof Dr. Normaliza Abd Rahim

Lecturer, Department of Malay Language
Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Dr. Normaliza Abd Rahim is currently the Coordinator for the Translation and Interpretation Courses, English Language and Language Technology Lecturer at University Putra Malaysia (UPM). When she first joined the university, she was tasked as the Coordinator of Language Technology course for the Malay Language Department. In this position, she was expected to develop and implement strategies for developing of a new programme for staff and mainly for the students. Owing to her keen interest in language teaching and learning, and her wide experience in teaching the English language and Language Technology courses which encompasses English for Occupational Purposes, Business Communication, Academic Writing Skills and English for Special Purposes, she was appointed as the Language Technology Coordinator of the faculty for another 2 years. In her capacity as a Language Technology Coordinator of the university, she is in charged of all academic and activities in Language Technology. As such, she provides assistance in developing activities to enhance the usage of English language amongst the students in the university.

Ref: I08P0054