Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Consciousness of the SME Sector in Malaysia

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CSR and environmental consciousness has become crucial for the humanities problem free growth and development. However are the main drivers of Society, the entrepreneurs aware of its importance? What efforts are they making in this regard that expresses adequately their commitment to the cause? The SME sector constitutes the largest employing sector in any country, be they developed or developing. Further they are under heavy pressure of performance both with restricted manpower and low levels of profits. Therefore they are least bothered about CSR and environment consciousness which is not of immediate concern or would add to profitability. They also try to compromise on ethics in many situations. It is presumed that one with CSR and environment consciousness would not compromise on ethics, which is a more fundamental issue of business and life. Hence a study of this is felt important for policy makers of government involved with the development of this sector and large Corporates procuring from this sector. A few of the large sector enterprises are already assessing these commitment in their rating system of SME to empower (coerce) them into greater levels of social responsibilities. Efforts are made to interview a few SME units in the neighboring region with a detailed questionnaire and study this attitude and future plans.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment Consciousness, SME Sector
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Consciousness of the SME Sector in Malaysia

Dr. M. V. Shetty

Specialist in Marketing, Faculty of Management, Multi Media University
Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

First Class Chemical engineer with post-graduation from the reputed Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and doctorate in Management Sciences. Empanelled in the World Bank. Presently heading the Marketing dept. in Multi Media University in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Has over twenty years of consultancy, training and industrial experience. Advisor to banks and Govt. and Corporates (including SME sector) in India for two decades and assisted companies in project feasibility and rehabilitation studies and monitoring to health through professional management guidance. Was heading the Marketing Dept. of a leading Govt. Institute (PG studies) in Mumbai for over eleven years. Member of expert team in AICTE accreditation (India) for engineering, management, I.T. and pharmacy colleges. Written articles and presented papers locally in Mumbai and in an International conference at Monash campus in Malaysia and QMI at Mumbai. Visiting faculty (for over a decade) to many Institutes in Mumbai (including foreign affiliated ones). Admission panelist for centralized admissions of MBA students in Maharashtra (India). Examiner to many other Universities. Ph.D and M Phil research guide presently guiding five students. Member of many organizations (including spiritual and NGO) and professional bodies. Guided over 200 MBA (PG) students in Mumbai. Was a mentor in the Venture 2000 (of dotcoms) an initiative of Mckinsey in 2000 in India for creating entrepreneurs with ideas and initiatives to millionaires from scratch.

Santhi Ramanathan

Lecturer, Faculty of Management FOM, Multimedia University (MMU)

Santhi Ramanathan-Bachelor’s (1999), Master’s degree in Economics (2001) from University of Malaya, Malaysia, PhD (candidate, University Malaya), 10 years of teaching and research experiences in areas relating to economics and management.

Ms Jayamalathi Jayabalan

Lecturer, Faculty of Accountancy and Management, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Bachelor’s (2000), MBA (2002) from University Utara Malaysia, PhD (candidate, University Malaya), 10 years of teaching and research experiences in areas relating to accounting and management.

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