Mexico's Current Unsustainable Economic Development: Toward a Socially Oriented and Sustainable Strategy in the 21st Century

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The recurrent crisis undergone by Mexico since the beginning of 80’s paralleling its trade opening and its entering into the globalization process have largely contributed to trigger its long time structural social, economic and political woes like unemployment, poverty, malnutrition, marginalization, income maldistribution, corruption stemming by a host of unsolved problems by the Mexican State, which now includes as well, among another social and economic externalities, a more accelerated depletion rate of the country natural resources and environmental effects related to the concomitant increase in international trade between Mexico and its trade partners all over the world, but especially with the United States. This article aims to show, through a series of indicators, the lack of sustainability of the current economic strategy followed so far by the Mexican State through a time horizon which ranges from the beginning of last century to the date and its likely perspectives for the next years up to 2010, along with its adverse social, economic, and environmental effects or costs for the country.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Economic Strategy, Unbalanced Economic Growth, Social, Economic and Environmental Externalities
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
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Dr. Octavio Luis Pineda

National Polytechnical Institute, School of Economics
MEXICO D.F., Mexico, Mexico

Since 1991 to the date, official member of the National Researcher System of Mexico (SNI). (Branch of the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico, CONACYT, which gathers excellence academicians and foster high level research activities in the various fields or branches of the human knowledge in the country, relevant to its scientific and socioeconomic development. Visiting professor at several Universities, among others, Pace University, N.Y. - campus Pleasantville, Department of History and Economics (1986); Center for Research and Studies on Environment and Development, CIIEMAD-IPN (2003), and since 2005, visiting professor and external collaborator, at UPC, Polytechnical University of Cataluña Doctorate Program in Projects Engineering on Environment, Job Risks Assessment and Communication, Barcelona, Spain. Current Researchs: 1)“A Critical Examination of the Current Mexican Economic Model vis à vis the 21st Century”. 2)“The Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of the Maquila Industry* on the Mexican Economy”. Some published books:
The Maquila industry in Mexico: Evolution and Perspectives. (Spanish) (1998); Globalization as a World Phenomenon (1999). Forthcoming books (2008) include: Towards the Reconversion of the Mexican Economic Model; The Socioeconomic and Environmental Impact of the Mexican In-bond Industry and Social, Economic and Environmental Externalities related to the Maquila Industry.

Ref: I08P0553