Marketing the Great South Coast: A Regional Approach to Attracting Population in Australia

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In Australia, as in many other developed countries, regional and rural areas are suffering from an overall decline in population with a specific loss of young adults (16-30 year olds). A decline in population, linked with the Australia-wide problems of ageing populations and diminishing birth rates, is leading to a social and economic decline in many regional cities and towns that threaten their long-term sustainability due to the lack of skilled workers and professionals. Although the loss of population from regional and rural areas has the potential to affect the national economy, it has mainly fallen to local government to combat the problem. Local government is beginning to use place marketing to attract and retain residents in addition to its traditional use of place marketing to attract industry and investment. This paper examines the concept of “place” marketing as means of arresting or reversing the decline, and examines as a case study the approach of a group of adjoining local government areas in Australia who have developed a regional and collaborative approach to place marketing.

Keywords: Marketing, Place Marketing, Regional Decline, Population Attraction
Stream: Media and Communications
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Marketing the Great South Coast

Ken Howell

Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin university
Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

Ken is a practitioner and researcher in the area of ‘Place Marketing’. A lecturer in marketing at Deakin University, Australia, Ken has been involved in research projects and collaborations looking at population attraction and retention strategies throughout Australia and in the mid west of the United States. This has also included advising local government on the development of marketing materials to help market their ‘place’.
Prior to working as an academic Ken was involved in marketing in the horticulture and aquaculture industries, tourism and hospitality as well as developing trade linkages between regional Australia and China.

Ref: I08P0569