“Naxal Movement – A War from Within”: The Existing State of Affairs from Chhattishgarh (India)

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The nation of India is currently witnessing an economic boom sparked by the government’s embrace of free trade agreements and multinational corporate investment. For now, what is apparent is the effect that the industrial and economic boom is having on one of the country’s longest enduring political conflicts between the Naxalites and the Government of India. The hinterland of India is witnessing one of the most successful secessionist struggle ever waged in independent India in the form of Naxalism or Naxalite Movement. In 2005, the state of Chhattishgarh launched a massive campaign named Salwa Judum which mean “Purification hunt” (speakers of the local Gondi Adivasi Dialect), “peace Campaign” (salwa Judum), or “Group hunt” (Naxalites) with the sole mission being to extract the Maoist insurgency from the state. The paper explores the issue of Naxalism in depth against the socio-economic and political background prevalent in India and critically condemns the use of child soldiers by state of Chhattishgarh in such an existing affairs.

Keywords: Naxalism, Human Rights, Development and Internal Resistance
Stream: Politics, Public Policy and Law
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Ravi Prakash

Student, Hidayatullah National Law University
Raipur, Chhattishgarh, India

I am a law student having a keen interest in the issues of national and international concern. Critical Legal studies of Law states that it is all about politics; my present paper is centered on this theme only. Naxal Movement or phenomena of Naxalism can be described as a form of internal resistance largely from aborigines/ Lower middle class peasants living in the hinterland of India who are devoid of long awaited development and now are displaced losing out their means of livelihood. The very idea of Development is being questioned by these groups. The Use of Child Soldiers in anti-naxalite movement by state authority with locale support had exposed them to a more vulnerable condition snatching away their childhood, and many more basic rights which they warrant by virtue of being child.

Ref: I08P0582