Practicing in Slow Motion: Interdisciplinary Education for Interdisciplinary Practice

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This is an engaging workshop conducted by a law and PhD social work professor demonstrating one class from a year long collaborative interdisciplinary clinical program for law and social work students who work with families of children with special needs to achieve justice in the education and child welfare systems. The professors use a collaborative, co-equal pedagogical approach to teach students about the intersection of law and social science and to demonstrate the power of using theory in practice to achieve social justice. The professors also use cognitive science to inform their teaching. In this class the "students" will help to problem solve the multi-layered dilemmas facing a fictional family by first unpacking their own cognitive schema about the fictional family and then by identifying the many law and social science theories that might apply to the family's dilemmas.

Keywords: Law, Social Work, Theory, Practice, Clinical, Social Justice, Family, Disability
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Leah Hill

Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Law School, Fordham University
New York, New York, USA

Professor Leah Hill is a professor of law at Fordham University School of Law in the US where she teaches Family Law, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Child Abuse and a Family Advocacy Clinic focused on collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to legal representation and policy advocacy for low income families with disabled children. Professor Hill is also on the steering committee of Fordham's Interdisciplinary Center for Family and Child Advocacy. Professor Hill has developed and taught one of the first interdisciplinary courses on Law and Social Work Approaches to Domestic Violence for law and social work graduate students. Professor Hill has also sat on advisory committees on the appointment of local judges and the development of programs and policies regarding domestic violence.

Dr. Lyn Slater

Clinical Professor, Graduate School of Social Services, Fordham University
New York, New York, USA

Dr. Slater is an expert in the field of interdisciplinary education, child protection and child sexual abuse. She has worked in the field of child protection for over thirty years and has worked in interdisciplinary education for the past seven years. Her dissertation is a 350-page qualitative study of educational outcomes for law and social work students enrolled in an interdisciplinary practice clinic over a three year period.

Ref: I08P0598