Teaching with Integrity: Academic Staff Professional Development as Part of a New Scholarship in Higher Education

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This paper makes a case for academic staff professional practice that is part of a new scholarship of pedagogical knowledge that now has international credibility. It is seen as an important theme for professional development internationally (McNiff, 2008, personal conversation). The claim to be made is that to be regarded as professional, lecturers should interrogate own practice and show that they hold themselves accountable for their own learning as they seek to influence the learning of their students. The interrogations will be facilitated if they happen in “communities of practice”. It is a form of re-conceptualisation of theory because it recognizes the inadequacy of traditional propositional theory to account for the living reality of the practitioners’ lives as they hold themselves accountable for their values in their practice.This paper will report on a case study of a lecturer demonstrating that he teaches with integrity. Validity is achieved through evidence contributed by colleagues, students and self-reflection. The paper concludes that investigations by individual professional educators of their own practice, producing their own living theories, are valuable contributors to their professional development.

Keywords: Teaching with Integrity, Academic Staff Professional Development, New Scholarship in Higher Education
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Elsa Lombard

Senior Academic Development Professional, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I am an academic staff professional development practitioner with an interested in the reflective practice of academic staff in creating their own living theories of practice. My own research interest is in the roles, responsibilities and functions of academic staff professional development practitioners.

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