Dressing the Dead and Dressing for the Dead

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As a result of the dramatic simplification of mourning clothes in Shagou, a small village in the east of Shandong province in P.R.C, all the requirements for 'proper' mourning clothes have disappeared. The idea that mourning clothes can consolidate kinship, establish and reinforce social hierarchy, and maintain the political structure of society is hardly evident in the current form of grave-clothes and mourning clothes in this village. In relation to this, through discussion of mourning clothes and grave-clothes used in Shagou, I am interested in examining the role the local administration had played in the process of simplifying the mourning clothes requirements.

Keywords: Mourning Clothes, Grave Clothes
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Dr. Shaoming Zhou

Lecturer, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne
Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Zhou Shaoming is a postgraduate of Beijing Normal University. He has an MA in Second langauge acquisition and understanding from the La Trobe University, Australa, and a PhD from The University of Melbourne, Australia. Currently he is holding a position of Lecturer in Chinese Studies at The University of Melbourne. His research interests are in Chinese regional folklore studies. His latest research topic is 'the funeral rituals in Shandong', which investigate the contemporary meanings of funeral rituals in Chinese village.

Ref: I08P0621