Local Participatory Governance: A Study of Five Union Parsihads in Bangladesh

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The paper aims to examine the governance system and the assess participation in the governing of local peoples in Bangladesh. Local government is a decentralized system in Bangladesh. It was introduced to ensure local people would participate in governing themselves. But the planning process was not run effectively. Thus it has not ensured the self governance by the local people.The structure of government at the local level is on the books as a 4-tier system. In reality, however, the system works on only 2 tiers. Even the structure itself has got a few loopholes. As a result it's not working properly. Local government was intended to ensure local level-planning. Decentralized participation was introduced at the local level to ensure local resource mobilization.
The methodology used in this research utulised structured questionnaires and interviews. Analysis of the data applied both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Finally, the paper will suggest and recommend some measures for ensuring participatory governance at the grass root level in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Governance, Union Parsihad, Participation, Decentralization, Local Level Planning, Local Resource Mobilization
Stream: Sociology, Geography
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A.T.M. Abdullahel Shafi

Assistant Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies, University oif Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am working as an Assistant Professor of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Dhaka,Bangladesh for the last 3 1/2 years.Before joining Dhaka University,I had worked with 3 National NGOs which has it's base at the grassroot levels. I have worked at the grassroots and had got a strong research knack.I still feel loving teaching and disseminating information which I have learnt all these years.

Farzana Mannan Borna

Masters Student, Sociology, University of Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am a Masters Student of Sociology and I have already completed my Bachelor in Sociology awarded with 1st class 7th.I have got a good nack at Women related issues and Poverty. Ohhh one thing more, Shafi and I are a newly wed couple.

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