Corporate Social Responsibility: Myth or Reality in Pakistan?

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is concerned with treating the stakeholders of the firm ethically where stakeholders exist both within and outside the firm. The wider aim of CSR is to create higher standards of living, while preserving the profitability of the corporation, for peoples both within and outside the corporation. Similarly the corporate citizenship implies a strategy that moves from a focus on short-term transaction to longer term values-based relationships with the stakeholders. This paper will probe into the practices and models related to local industry in Pakistan, which is still untapped and thus occasionally recorded. A mix of manufacturing and service providing firms were taken as sample to gather relevant information regarding the CSR practices undertaken by them, and the benefits sought if any for their specific set of employees, customers, and society in general. The finding highlights the local forms or models of CSR applied, with best practices, and issues in Pakistan. The findings will be valuable to the strategy and policy formulators of the local industry, also the decision makers at the middle management level. It will highlight the current Pakistani business values and CSR trends to the international market place which will open business prospects to similar strategy partners in the global village as well.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Best Practices, Pakistan
Stream: Economics and Management
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Saira Nazneen Ibrahim

Assistant Professor, Management Science Department, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Ms Saira N Ibrahim carries a rich experience of more than 18 years in the field of education. She has been in the Senior Management Position, conducting training and research, where the major institutional and strategic policy formulation remained her responsibility. As the Registrar, she has successfully implemented Student Management System at all 7 campuses of Iqra University (IU). She also conceptualized, implemented and strengthened new programs of Fashion Design and Associate Degree Program at IU. As Principal of ICSC, she led backward integration through establishment of Intermediate College as a project of Iqra University.She has been teaching Graduates and Undergraduates in the area of Management and Communication at IBA Karachi, Textile Institute of Pakistan and at Iqra University for more than a decade. Also, is a Certified Master Trainer, and has conducted training for the corporate sector over the past few years. She also has more than 6 research papers to her credit in the area of business and education.

Muhammad Zaki Rashidi

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Science
Karachi Campus, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences - FAST

Karachi, SIND, Pakistan

Prof. Zaki Rashidi holds the post graduate degree in Statistics, from University of Karachi and MS in Management Science from SZABIST, Karachi. He also holds the certificate of E-Tutoring Skills for Lifelong Learning, from University of Hull, UK. His diverse teaching experience spans over 15 years. Currently he is working in National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST) as Assistant Professor and Head of Sciences & Humanities Department. He also conducted several trainings, under Professional Development Centre (FAST), HEC (College Teachers Training). His areas of interest includes, Technology Management, Quality Management, and Project Management.

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