The Obstacles to Organizational Creativity: Manager and Worker

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In today’s competitive business environment, organizational creativity is important for all organizations. All organizations face change, and they need a creative climate to face it successfully. Setting organizational creativity as a goal may be difficult, however; and it’s takes a long time. This paper examines the two obstacles to organizational creativity. One is “manager” and the other is “worker”. It is important to understand the link between manager and worker with regard to organizational creativity.

Keywords: Organizational Creativity, Obstacles, Manager, Worker
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
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Sule Tufan

Head of Department, Department of Educational Science
Education Faculty, Kastamonu University /Turkey

Ankara, Cayyolu, Turkey

She is giving lectures at Kastamonu University, Faculty of Education. Department of Educational Science (Educational Administration and Planning)
She is head of Department of Educational Administration and Planning.
She has specialized at management and she is interested in organizational creativity, individual image at work life and job stress. She has master degree about job stress and coping strategies. She is PhD student at Institute of Educational Science (Ankara University, Turkey) She has passed the doctoral proficiency examination and is going to defend her dissertation proposal on organizational creativity.

Ref: I08P0632