An Exploratory Study on the Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in the Hotel Industry of Hong Kong

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This study explores the extent and nature of corporate social responsibility reporting (CSRR) in 95 hotels in Hong Kong. It also investigates the impact of selected contextual factors and company characteristics on the quantity of CSR reported. A political economy framework enriched by corporate communication and impression management concepts is utilized in this study. Annual reports and websites are examined using content analysis, the results of which are fed into the data base for quantitative analysis. The results revealed that Hong Kong has advanced from the primitive stage of CSRR concluded in the ACCA Special Report in 2002, to having a significant number of CSR reporters (41%) in the hotel industry, with a significant quantity of CSR reported (60.2 pages). This is a reflection of Hong Kong’s stage of national economic development and the influx of cultural effects from the developed countries of the West. This study also found that the Employees theme dominated CSRR. The findings of this study supports the general view that no single CSRR theory can fully explain actual CSRR practices. This study uses the selected contextual variables of brand type, hotel star-rating, ownership type and listing status as proxies for public visibility. There is evidence that the contextual factors of the hotel industry has an impact on CSRR quantity. Collectively, the contextual factors support CSRR theory and in line with prior studies. The findings of this study showed that company size, profitability and debt ratio have no predictive ability on the quantity of CSR reported by companies in the hotel industry.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
Stream: Economics and Management
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Dr. Sai On Wong

Teaching Fellow, Department of Accountancy, City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr. Sai On Wong is currently a Teaching Fellow at the City University of Hong Kong. He worked in large commercial organizations in North America and in a number of Asian countries for many years prior to joining the education field. He obtained his DBA from University of New Castle (Australia); MBA and BCOM from University of Alberta (Canada). He is a qualified accountant with membership in CMA (Canada) and AICPA (I.A.). His research interest includes corporate social responsibility reporting (CSRR) and social sciences in management.

Ref: I08P0657