Global Warming: An International Problem that Requires Cooperation

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It is a general consensus that the intense changes in earth’s climate are not simply due to a cycle, it is impacted by the mass amounts of greenhouse gases that humans have begun emitting. The result of this increase in greenhouse gases and the resulting temperature rise is called global warming. As the world has become more crowded and more advanced, the effect becomes more evident. This study will examine the impact of global warming and the results including the increase in sea and air temperatures, the increase in cyclonic strength, glacier retreat, and others. These results will only continue to increase if the issue of global warming is not addressed.
As an international issue, the entire global community must come together in order to attempt to find a solution for global warming. In 1997, the issue of global warming was addressed at an international negotiation meeting in Kyoto. The result of this meeting is the agreement called the Kyoto Protocol. This study will examine the negotiations at Kyoto and the terms of the Kyoto Protocol. These negotiations were a step in the right direction. However, there were countries that opted to not participate in the protocol due to the effects they believed it would have on their country. If all countries are not a part of the solution, then there is still room left for improvement. As the Kyoto Protocol comes to its close in 2012, it is time to begin focusing on a new plan; a plan that will include all countries in an international effort to address global warming. This study will examine negotiation methods that could result in just such an agreement. It will look at means for bringing the desires of all countries forth so that each country will be able to sign an agreement that they can agree on the terms for in order to finally have a true international agreement to a global problem.

Keywords: Global Warming, International Negotiation
Stream: Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences
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Tammy Garcia

Master's Student, Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Nova Southeastern University
Tampa, Florida, USA

I am currently a Master's student in the last semester in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution. I have an interest in studying the manifestations of conflict in natural disasters. I will be presenting at the 2nd Global International Studies Conference in July 2008 on the manifestations of conflict after disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Ref: I08P0692