Lifestyle Globalization and Emerging Economies: The Case for Weight Loss and Fitness Appeal in Mexico

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Globalization of markets has long gone beyond trade and economics monopolized by
advanced economies. It has spread into lifestyles worldwide including those of emerging economies. The appeal of American “pop culture” that started in the 1950s, followed by European social and cultural trends of the past twenty years, is now truly global and has spilled over into the lifestyle industry. One important sociological tend is the adoption of images of body type and size by citizens of developing country economies. In the U.S., the most obese nation in the world, concerns related to weight and ideal body image have been forces driving the weight loss industry. This case study focuses on Mexico, recently noted as now second nationally in obesity. It investigates demographic shifts, changes in eating habits and the resultant trends in the weight loss industry in that country. It demonstrates the potential for development of that industry in that and similar countries. It is argued that the social image of fitness in Europe and in the U.S. have found popular appeal in Latin America.

Keywords: Lifestyle Globalization, Weight Loss Industry, Emerging Markets, Cultural Study
Stream: Economics and Management
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Dr. Massoud Saghafi

Professor, Department of Marketing, San Diego State University
San Diego, CA, USA

Dr. Don Sciglimpaglia

Professor, Marketing, San Diego State University
San Diego, CA, USA

Don Sciglimpaglia is Professor of Marketing and co-director of the Business Consulting Program at San Diego State University. He has over one hundred academic publications, including articles in Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Current Issues and Research in Advertising, Journal of Advertising, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Small Business Strategy, E-Business Review, Journal of Entrepreneurial Education, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Journal of EuroMarketing, Marketing Education Review, European Business Review, Small Enterprise Research, Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Journal of Financial Services Marketing.

Ref: I08P0720