Location Attributes for Housing Preferences in Guangzhou, China: Using Expert Judgments

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With the rapid development of economy and the growing demands on life quality in China, people have higher requirement for the residential quality than before. Meanwhile, the rapid progress of urbanization and suburbanization brings a large number of urban problems, such as urban sprawl, traffic congestion and jobs-housing mismatches. In this background, the role of location quality in housing consumption is an increasingly important research objective in the demand-side consideration. The consumption pattern can be generated by ranking location attributes with respect to their relative importance for house consumer. In this study, the outcome is implemented by pair-wise comparison of attributes based on expert judgments and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). This study is based on expert elicited residential location quality profiles in Guangzhou, where the housing market develops ahead in China. Instead of measuring the monetary value in the market, the findings, which help to understand the demand and preference of residents for multidimensional value and benefit, offer more information for the urban planners and the housing developers in social and cultural perspective.

Keywords: Housing Preference, Location Quality, Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP), Expert Judgments, Guangzhou
Stream: Sociology, Geography
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Fan Wu

PhD Candidate, Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Fan Wu, who acquired the bachelor degree in the Tongji University in Shanghai, China, is a PhD candidate in the Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. She is also the academic coordinator of the acting committee of CIB Chapter in The University of Hong Kong. Her major research fields include the housing, residential environment and the quality of lives in cities. With the consultant experience of real estate development and in several projects in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan and Sichuan provinces in China, she concerns about the urban planning problems, such as urban sprawl, built environment, job-housing mismatch, and their influences to the lives of urban residents.

Ref: I08P0722