Negotiating Concepts and Practices within the Family Context

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Parent behavior and style of living can have a significant influence on how their kids shape their perception of life. The interaction between parents and their children can shape their perceptions of family functioning. Family is the primary means of promoting well-being and helping kids succeed in life.
Social structure and interaction are continually changing. Parents understanding of societal and family rules with respect to their family do not adapt to the set of rules they were taught by their own parents. As a result, parents do not know how to take responsibility of their children behavior. They find themselves without resources, puzzled, and consequently, feeling unable to handle their formative role.
There is a necessity to train parents with the appropriate tools and tactics to ensure the successful education of their kids. Parents as a couples need to create new rules which adapt to their family. Developing their ability to negotiate new rules, which respond to their necessities, is an important key to success.

Keywords: Family Rules, Negotiation, Integrative Negotiation
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences
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Lida Cifuentes

Student, Nova Southeastern University
Weston, Florida, Venezuela

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