A Model for Interprofessional Education for Human Service Professionals

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This paper reports a unique approach and set of experiences in the development and implementation of a multidimensional model for the understanding, practicing, and evaluating interprofessional practice and education. The aim is to examine problems precipitating the need for interprofessional education; discuss limited interprofessioanal education arrangements; methodology of an alternative model; underlying assumptions, implications, limitations, and strengths of the proposed model. Conceptual framework, contents, references, and other educational resources and techniques are presented and analyzed. Underlying values about the significance of a human-in-the-environment ecological approach serve as the foundation for the model presented.

Keywords: Interprofessional, Education, Professional Practice
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Maria Julia

Professor, College of Social Work, Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Maria C. Julia, Professor, Ohio State University where she also completed her PHD. MSW and BS from the University of Puerto Rico. Areas of teaching include international social development, research methods and statistics, interprofessional education and practice. Research is focused in international social development and the roles women play in those processes, particularly in developing regions of the world. Over 100 scholarly publications, including 3 books; more than 100 worldwide presentations. Actively involved in the academic, national, and international community, providing services in multiple organizations, boards, commissions and consortium.

Ref: I08P0766