The Future is Ours: Branding Al-Qaeda for the Next Generation

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One of the most notorious global terrorist organizations is al-Qaeda. This organization continues to multiply across the globe infecting the next generation with radical Islamic fundamentalism, in turn ensuring the survival of their cause. This group is responsible for a multitude of terrorist activities throughout the world. Recent reports suggest that al-Qaeda is continuously plotting future attacks using men, women, and children.

A plethora of notorious organizations are using children as catalysts for their deviant activities. Al-Qaeda is among these groups in exploiting the vulnerability of youth. This paper examines the evolutionary process of the role of children in the al-Qaeda terrorist network. As al-Qaeda expands and public awareness of the organization’s mission increases, they are seeking new methods to enhance support as well as increase their efficacy. I will examine the role that children play in this development. First, I will identify the tactics implemented by the terrorist faction to recruit youth; second, I will identify the operations in which children held vital roles; and, finally, I will examine ways in which the cycle of terror that reigns within the al-Qaeda network may be broken.

Keywords: Children, Youth, al-Qaeda, Terrorism
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: The Future is Ours

Melissa Zisler

Nova Southeastern University
Plantation, Florida, USA

Ref: I08P0780