Women, Aging, Pedagogy: You Can't Be Old before You're Young

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This paper endeavors to inscribe ourselves and others like us within a narrative of aging and pedagogy that mitigates the terror of old age by contesting and refuting cultural stereotypes. The force of our narrative is enhanced by recent research into the physiology, neurology, and psychology of aging, especially women's aging. This research suggests that female biology is rich and complicated, allowing for physical, mental, and emotional changes that encourage powerful priorities and understanding of the world and our place in it. Taking these changes into account, we address how our pedagogy develops in the context of aging.

Keywords: Women, Gender, Aging, Pedagogy, Psychology
Stream: Psychology, Cognitive Science and Behavioural Sciences, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Gender
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Prof. Susan Kuntz

Professor, Psychology
Gender Studies, Saint Michael's College

Colchester, Vermont, USA

Susan Kuntz is a professor of Psychology at Saint Michael's College where she teaches and writes about gender issues. Her published works concentrate on narrative and qualitative methodology. Along with her co-presenter Carey Kaplan she has presented and written about pedagogy and gender studies.

Prof. Carey Kaplan

Professor, Gender Studies
English, Saint Michael's College

Colchester, Vermont, USA

Professor Kaplan is director of gender studies at Saint Michael's College where she is also a professor of English. She has published in the fields of pedagogy, feminism and gender studies. She and her co-presenter Susan Kuntz have worked together extensively on issues of pedagogy and gender

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