Estimating Water Consumption for Improved Water Management: Case Study of Rawalpindi City, Pakistan

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Asia in general and Pakistan in particular are facing the global reality of water shortage. Rawalpindi, being one of the major cities of Pakistan, is facing acute shortage of water due to increased population, urbanization coupled with low infrastructure development investments and lack of efficient regulatory regimes. Water and sanitation agency (WASA), a public sector organization, is responsible for providing water, both for domestic and industrial use and sanitation facilities in Rawalpindi city. Their water sources include Rawal lake, Khanpur dam and underground water. According to WASA statistics, 70% of the population is being served with water at 40 gallons per capita per day. However, in the absence of any metering system, water availability, consumption and wastage can not be accurately determined. Moreover, according to WASA, not supported by any statistical data, 50% of the supplied water is being wasted. In the last few years, due to low rainfall, per capita availability of water has been drastically affected. In order to meet the soaring water demands WASA has planned to arrange additional water from Indus River System (Ghazi Brotha Project) and constructing another water storage facility at Chirah. Presently data on consumption and wastage of water is not available and the figures by WASA have been subjectively determined. This study will estimate per capita water consumption based on fact finding conducted in the areas where water is being supplied by WASA. This study will help WASA in managing water resources more efficiently.

Keywords: Water Management, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA)
Stream: Economics and Management
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Mr Shoeb Khan

Manager, Analysis Wing, Pakistan Defence Services
Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

I am Mechanical Engineer and working in a public sector organization. I have completed masters in Engineering Management from Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Islamabad. I have interest in doing research in various areas and apply the knowledge gained through different courses especially statistical analysis of the collected data. I also intend to suggest viable options and solutions to various stakeholders after research in the relevant areas.

Tanveer Khan

Manager, Marketing and Supply Division, Aviation Spares
Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

I am an aerospace engineer and have been working in aviation maintenance set ups for nine years. I have done masters in engineering management and also completed course work in Ph.D. I have interest in application of econometrics techniques for analysis of data. I am also eager to suggest solutions for various issues related to civic life.

Dr. Nadeem Ehsan

Acting Chairman, Engineering Management, Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering (CASE)
Islamabad, Pakistan

"Dr. Nadeem started his career as a Civil Engineer in 1981 from Military
College of Engineering, Risalpur, Pakistan. He worked on various instructional
and Project assignments till 1987. He Completed two Masters and a Ph.D degree
from Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, in 1993, and started working on
technology management projects in Government sector. He got one of the highest
lifetime national award "Presidential Pride of Performance" in the field of
Engineering in 2002. He has also been involved in teachng graduate courses of
Engineering Management in CASE. He is supervising many Ph. D Students."

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