I See...I Hear...I Do and I Understand: Building Competence, Confidence and Pedagogical Capacity through Collaborative Partnership

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A practice based paper which explores the use of a model of practice which is praxis inquiry based learning and project partnership between schools and University as the catalyst for First year preservice teacher learning in the workplace, which mutually benefits schools, school students, practising educators in schools and the preservice teachers. This unique project examines developing competence, confidence and pedagogical practices of educators and preservice teachers through a 5 week buddy project and remote rural connections. Current research (AAS: Australian Academy of Science, 2006) shows that Primary educators are avoiding the teaching of Science because of perceived lack of confidence and competence in the pedagogy of Science teaching. By professionally developing preservice teachers in the art of teaching Science as a literacy, the preservice teachers are demonstrating and working with school children, to create enthusiasm in practising educators and students for Science and interactive inquiry based learning. The importance of this partnership is the ripple effect for all participants, including the capacity for future impact for all involved. By seeing, hearing, doing and understanding; all participants (practising teachers, preservice teachers, school students) are building their confidence, competence and capacity to use Science and inquiry based learning as a means of understanding the world.

Keywords: Multiliteracies, Learning in the Workplace, Teaching and Learning through Partnerships, Science as a Literacy, Interactive Teaching and Learning
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , I See...I Hear...I Do and I Understand

Coral Cara

Lecturer/Academic, Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development
School of Education, Victoria University

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Coral Cara has an extended multi-faceted career in education and is passionate about inclusive accessible education for all. She is an educator, consultant and lecturer across all sectors and levels. Coral is currently working with University preservice teachers using innovative effective teaching and learning strategies that are learner centred and inquiry based. Coral has worked extensively on creating inclusive multimodal teaching and learning that creates engagement, retention and improved outcomes for staff and students.

Ref: I08P0805