The Study of Relationship between Human Resource Strategy and Organizational Performance in China’s Construction SOEs

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China’s construction state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are now in a dramatically changing business environment. In striving to achieve their organizational goals, the SOEs require appropriate strategies to adapt to the increasingly competitive globalizing environment of China’s construction industry. Once the strategies are formulated, HRM plays an important role in strategy implementation with which it should be aligned. So, this study’s aim is to investigate the relationship between strategy, HRM and organizational performance within the context of China’s construction state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The semi-structured interviews with 5 representative SOEs will be done firstly to investigate what organizational strategy means, what HR practices are employed, and the fit between organizational strategy and HR strategy in the context. The pilot study will also be conducted on the employee’s satisfaction with HR practices in their company by the questionnaire. The piloting will test whether the questions are intelligible, easy to answer, unambiguous etc.. Then, the main survey will be conducted from two-level respondents, which are organizational and individual respectively. Structural equation modeling (SEM) will be used as data analysis technique because the main constructs are latent variables and measured by observed variables, and path analysis between the main constructs. The application of the result will help the organizations to design proper HR practices regarding the organizational strategy to improve the satisfaction of employees and to improve the organizational performance.

Keywords: Organizational Strategy, HR Practices, Organizaitonal Performance, Satisfaction of Employees
Stream: Economics and Management
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Xiaofeng Zhai

MPhil Student, The Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China

Ref: I08P0813