The Modern Christian Wedding as a Performance

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Designing and performing a modern wedding can be compared to staging a hugely popular, well-known and extremely complicated piece of theatre. The audience are all familiar with the basic plot but presentation of the event is open to interpretation and individual portrayal. The more grandiose the better in today's society where expectations of a spectacular and highly professional production are high. The whole event is a pageant beset by traditions and customs, old and new performed by and for the benefit of two principal characters. In this sense the marriage event is a multi-disciplinary interactive designed event which links a large number of aspects including creativity, history, gendered roles, place, time and memory. The modern wedding has become less of a religious and community based ceremony and more of an exhibitionist celebrity party, available to everyone at every level. Otnes and Pleck (2003) highlight the mythological fantasy element of the wedding event, the shopping , the planning, the escalating costs, all necessary for a publicly acclaimed successful day.

Keywords: Wedding, Exhibition, Celebrity Culture
Stream: Sociology, Geography
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Dawn Hurst

Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

I am a lecturer within the School of Art and Design in Loughborough University. I am currently completing my PhD submission. My area of interest is in the social and cultural place of the wedding in modern Christian Europe and North America

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