Knowledge of Self for Any Mileu: Not To Transform the World but To Become a Human Being

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The aim of information technology is to attain knowledge and to make it available at the ‘click of a button’. The pinnacle of knowledge is the knowledge of the Self. But one has limited understanding about oneself. Ignorance about oneself and the world outside is the root cause of all problems. The outcome of ignorance is insecurity, concern, confusion and conflict within and outside and one cannot rest in peace. An insecure person cannot be a team player tends to be unethical. To overcome this insecurity mankind has switched on the ceaseless ‘search engine’. This search ends only when true knowledge dawns. With true knowledge, ones doubt, insecurity, anxiety and worry which makes the man dead when alive cease to be. A being with knowledge is truly an open system. Truly open individual will not have any problems sharing and caring – he is a natural team player. This knowledge bridges and transcends all barriers – color, race, caste, culture, religion and nationality. Without these differences, confusion, conflict and barriers one would be creating an undisturbed harmonious ideal learning/working creative environment. With knowledge, the search ceases to be ones efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and eventually ones profitability goes up. The outcome of this is the absence of cost and time overrun. One's commitment and deliverability improve. Communication improves in the organization. With knowledge one will be able to take strategic decisions for the well being and growth of the individual, the organization that he belongs. An Intelligent system is one which makes this knowledge available independent of time, space and situation. The ability to make use of the knowledge at the right time, space and situation is wisdom. This is the enduring knowledge for any milieu.

Keywords: Information, Technology, Self, Insecure, Social, Conflict, Ignorance, Concern, Knowledge, Learning, Working, Creative, Harmonious, Ideal, Society, Deliverability, Communication, Organization, Wisdom
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Prof. Prabhakar Ananthaswamy

Professor and Head, Information Science and Engineering Department, Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I have published In Quest of Self’ in August 2005. The work has quite successfully caught the attention of seekers in India and abroad. My purpose is essentially to drive home an awareness of people's true potential. Once this awareness sinks in, the individual is at peace with himself. He can then be a more efficient, productive and a joyous professional. Joyous professionals constitute a joyous organization and consequently a joyous society. Isn’t this what we are all striving for? To this end I have designed and have been delivering programs to students and professionals that have been well received.

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